Polyester embroidery threads

These threads are absolutely universal, suitable for every embroidery. Excel in high speed of embroidering, which saves your time and energy. Available in vast selection of colors, therefore everyone will choose.


5000m Cones
High speed performance
High tenacity
Low elongation
Low friction
Available in 430 colors
100% Polyester

The color display of the yarns can be influenced by the calibration of the monitors. For real color display, use our color chart.

High grade threads

High speed is a success

High speed polyester embroidery thread is of high tenacity (above 1200cN), long elongation, low friction and uniform. It can be run well on hih speed embroidery machine at 1200r/min.

100% Polyester

Only quality materials

Polyester embroidery thread is made of polyester filament. The thread is of good glossy effect, low friction, uniform twist, low breakage and low chromatic abrration.