Metalic embroidery threads

Make your embroidery beautiful shimmering and shiny effects with coFEE´s Metallic thread. Available in 13 colors. Including blue, red, green and other uncommon colors. Silver and gold are standard. You have the choice between metallic thread made of real gold and silver and standard aluminium, but still preservation high quality.


3000m/4500m Cones
High speed performance
High tenacity
Low elongation
Low friction
Available in 13 colors

The color display of the yarns can be influenced by the calibration of the monitors. For real color display, use our color chart.

Beautiful shimmering look

Use metallic threads to beautify your embroidery. They give the embroidery a unique look that everyone can remember. With our wide range of colors, everyone can choose. And it offer you many embroidery options.

High quality metallic threads

Quality is a success

We use the finest raw materials to create this thread. It undergroes special processing to make it vibrant, strong and smoot. Metallic thread are made of metallic component (wich are real gold, solver or aluminium) wrapped around a polyester fiber