What is coFEE threads?

It is a brand of premium quality embroidery threads.

Why buy coFEE threads?

Because we supply a high quality of products and supported by quality service.

Who can buy coFEE threads?

We will supply all specialist embroiderers with large or small scale production facilities.

What is the delivery time?

Stock threads are sent within 24 hours of ordering.

How to buy coFEE threads?

Just register on our cofeethreads.eu website and then order online or contact one of our Distributors listed.

Why high-speed?

We offer special high-grade threads, which can be embroidered at speeds up to a thousand stitches per minute.

Does not reduce the high-speed of the threads when embroidering their resistance?

No, our threads retain high durability at high speed embroidery.

What threads you have on offer?

We have universal polyester in 430 colours, metallic that add a shiny effect and lot of special threads. Bobbins are obvious.

coFEE Threads

coFEE’s Embroidery Thread allows for increased productivity and is constructed for durability and minimal breakage. Suitable for most applications, this high-speed performance thread will help eliminate looping and puckering for smoother running embroidery.