Bobbins/Under Threads

Pre-wound bobbins are ready to use and convenient. Good choice for speeding up production with easy handling and short swap intervals. This bobbins are smooth but at the same time tear-resistant. This will ensure your projects run smoothly.


White 123m
Black 113m
100% Polyester
144 pcs per box

The color display of the yarns can be influenced by the calibration of the monitors. For real color display, use our color chart.


We save your time

You save time with pre-wound bobbins. It’s good to speed up production and save time for workers. Clear choice if you want to have calm and easy production planning. Just to place them in the bobbin case and that’s all.

Good strength

Simple embroidery

The constant thread quantity and tension in each bobbin help with production planning. The quality of our threads will ensure that your embroidery runs smoothly. High-quality upper threads must complement high-quality bobbins. Only this will guarantee