A quality and speed of production

coFEE’s Embroidery Thread allows for increased productivity and is manufactured for durability and minimal breakage. Suitable for most applications, this high-speed performance thread will help eliminate looping and puckering for smoother running embroidery.

Polyester embroidery threads

430 multicolour

Polyester threads are preferred for universality. Extra, with our threads you will be able to embroider with higher speed.


Metalic embroidery threads

13 multicolour

Metallic threads create shiny and glossy embroidery.


Special embroidery threads

63 multicolour

Each of the special threads has a different property. Try them and discover new ways to embroider.


Bobbins/Under Threads


Quality top threads must compliment quality bobbins. This will guarantee you the perfect embroidery.


High-speed performance

coFEE Thread´s are manufactured for high speed embroidery and excellent durability qualities.

High tenacity

Made from continuous filament fibre for strength and high durability to help withstand extremely hot environments.

Low elongation

Creates stretch control characteristics to yield excellent sew-ability with tight, firm stitches.

Low friction

Gives an extremely even stitch balance allowing thread to run smoothly through thread guides and tension controls.